How to prepare your e-commerce website for the Christmas season

by Freya Swenson | 22 Nov

I have a confession to make, I’ve used the C word in November, in fact, I started saying it in September… I said ‘Christmas’ out loud. Whether you...

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Why Security Updates Matter

18 May | by Freya Swenson

You may consider security updates to your website as a bugbear (excuse the pun), a budget taking activity, but it can save you a lot of hassle and...

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GDPR Countdown to compliance - checklist

14 May | by Freya Swenson

At Rixxo, we like to make life easier so have created a brief GDPR countdown to compliance checklist of what we advise you look at and consider!

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Software and Tools that can help with GDPR

08 May | by Freya Swenson

We’re now at the penultimate blog to our GDPR survival guide, as our last post talked about how to advertise to people who haven't give permission.

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How to advertise to people without permission and stay GDPR compliant

30 Apr | by Freya Swenson

In our last post we looked at GDPR Forms and Recording Keeping and now we’re halfway through our GDPR enlightenment!

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GDPR Forms and Record Keeping

19 Apr | by Freya Swenson

Data, it's valuable and it's everywhere, but are you using and saving it right? Where it’s stored really matters!

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Magento 2 Custom Themes

18 Apr | by Pranay Sonwalkar

eCommerce will play a big part in the future of business. Fact. So as Magento 2 specialists, the team at Rixxo have identified the best themes to...

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Magento 2 vs Shopify

16 Apr | by Pranay Sonwalkar

Magento 2 is the newest version of the market-leading eCommerce platform, and at Rixxo, we're reviewing it against other popular eCommerce stores....

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GDPR and what it will mean to your business

28 Mar | by Freya Swenson

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is one of the biggest ‘shake-ups’ businesses have seen for a while and you need to know...

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March Tech Roundup

16 Mar | by Pranay Sonwalkar

It’s back with a bang! This month's Tech Roundup features Wordpress’ growth, Google making big advancements and Snapchat getting their own!

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