December/January Tech Roundup

by Pranay Sonwalkar | 10 Jan

Here's latest in tech over the festive period, including Apple boasting power, Alexa helping out offices and an advancement in video on Twitter.

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Using Psychology in Order to Boost Customer Awareness

14 Dec | by Pranay Sonwalkar

Understanding the use of psychology in social media - and how to use it to boost customer awareness.

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November Tech Roundup

20 Nov | by Pranay Sonwalkar

November’s roundup of the latest in gadgets and tech, including a revolution in Twitter, a tablet that feels like paper and a wearable keyboard!

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How Brands can Amplify their Marketing During the Festive Season

03 Nov | by Pranay Sonwalkar

Christmas is an absolute bucket of potential and businesses would be wise to make use of this. Here we've picked apart the marketing stages of the...

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How to integrate Chatfuel and Google Sheets using IFTTT

31 Oct | by Chris Gee

So you have discovered Chatfuel and are making a Facebook bot. How awesome right?! And you've seen that it can integrate with Google Sheets....

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How to Create a Hashtag for Your UGC Campaign

30 Oct | by Anand Mavani

How to create a hashtag. Our Audience Expert takes a look at some of the significant trends for a great hashtag-led UGC campaign.  

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Lunch With Anand - Creative Networking in Bristol

17 Oct | by Pranay Sonwalkar

We take a look back at our first 'Lunch with Anand' creative marketing networking event we hosted here in Bristol! 

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October Tech Roundup

12 Oct | by Pranay Sonwalkar

October's roundup of the latest gadgets and tech.

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Engage your audience with... Shoppable Instagram

09 Oct | by Anand Mavani

In the retail sector, there is a growing trend to ‘shop the look’. This is where retailers give consumers the option to easily navigate their way...

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Innovative Marketing For Retail

05 Oct | by Anand Mavani

2017 has been a turbulent year for the retail marketing strategists. Consumer behaviour is forever changing, brand loyalty ebbs and flows in...

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